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outstanding school facilities for our students and community

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Rowville Secondary College is home to state of the art facilities for our students to use & community to hire

  • Outstanding Performing Arts Centre hosts a 500 capacity rising seating plan and exceptional facilities which are designed to showcase the diverse performances hosted by the college and wider community.
  • Innovative and leading Sports Precinct and fitness centre featuring onsite physiotherapy, and world class cafe.
  • New Year 7 Centre with leading technology and furnishings to accommodate primary school students transitioning into secondary school.
  • Senior Study Centre dedicated to Year 11 and Year 12 students, providing a quite space and area to gather to work in groups. Direct access to careers office and senior pathways coordinators.

Performing arts centre

Rowville Secondary College is home to a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Centre (PAC).

This outstanding venue hosts a 500 capacity rising seating plan and exceptional facilities which are designed to showcase the diverse performances hosted by the College and wider community. The Performing Arts Centre has been created for use by a wide variety of clientele and boasts professional facilities. Whatever the event, the Performing Arts Centre will provide a professional platform to deliver an outstanding result.

Sports precinct

RSA opened the Rowville Sports Precinct in 2014; a modern facility housing three basketball courts, a state-of- the-art fitness centre, on-site physiotherapy, an ice bath and healthy cafe.

We are excited to have these elite facilities on campus, as they have allowed us to improve the quality of our training sessions and have reduced the time spent travelling off-campus.

We share the facilities with who provide RSA students with physiotherapy, podiatry, dietetic and psychology services. RISE Health are also responsible for coordinating all strength and conditioning activities for the academy. Out of school hours, RISE Health uses the facilities for personal training, group fitness classes and health consulting.

Paul Sadler Swimland

Paul Sadler Swimland, located at the Western Campus, is a commercially-run, internationally renowned organisation operating out of 14 sites across Australia and Canada, winning more than 25 industry awards in Australia and the USA.

The facility at Rowville Secondary College includes a fully-heated, seven-lane indoor swimming pool with specialist onsite instruction in a comfortable, safe and friendly environment.

eastern campus pitch

Our floodlit synthetic football pitch provides a premier facility for our football students. All football training sessions are held on campus between the Eastern Campus pitch, fitness centre and basketball courts.


Each campus has access to a healthy food outlet. At the East, the Cafe is located at the Sports Precinct and at the West, the Cafe is located at the gym. Both operates five days a week with lunch and recess orders available. Vending machines are located in the Gym foyer (west) and Sports Precinct (east).

A range of delicious, nutritious foods and beverages at affordable prices are made to order at the Cafe and delivered to the Western Campus. Through the Qkr! app, students from both campuses can pre-order recess and/or lunch on a daily basis. Visit cafe貹.

The Cafe at the Eastern Campus also caters for functions and events, providing delectable solutions for all your catering needs. For further information regarding this service, please contact the Food Services Manager on 9755 4559.

year 7 centre

At the Western Campus our Year 7 Centre is a modern and new facility with leading technology amd furnishings. The Year 7 Centre is home to our Year 7 students, teachers, Learning Mentors and Transition Coordinators. The purpose of this building is to accommodate primary school students transitioning into secondary school. It provides new students with a safe and familar place to learn, locker bays and a dedicated space for recess and lunch.


Teaching and learning at RSC takes advantage of the best resources offered in both print and digital. School bags are no longer packed with heavy text books, as the majority of items on the booklists are now digital and stored on students’ own devices. A MacBook or Laptop is compulsory for all students from Years 7-12.

The teacher-librarians all teach junior English and other subjects, and act as guides to students and teachers in navigating the digital world. They do this in the library, in classrooms and through the Virtual Library. They coordinate digital and print resources throughout the school, and can find out almost anything. A library is located on both campuses.

senior study centre

Our Senior Study Centre is located at our Western Campus and is dedicated to Year 11 and Year 12 students. The centre provides a quite space and area to gather to work in groups, with peers and teachers. The Senior Study Centre has direct access to the careers office and senior pathway coordinators.